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NFL Week 1 Surprises

Monday, September 8, 2008 1 comments

There were some unexpected surprises the first week of the NFL. The most being New England QB Tom Brady who looks like he will be out for the season. This makes it interesting because after their season last year they were the favorites. They still have a good team, but I am unsure of their back up QB.

It looked as if the Colts were going to be the team to beat in the AFC, but they lost to the Bears. This was shocking to me because I thought the Bears were one of the worst teams and they had to come into Indianapolis and beat the Colts. I know Peyton Manning was coming of an injury, but I still think it was a huge upset. I also thought the Chargers losing was an upset. Mainly because the Panthers did not have Steve Smith.

Brett Favre had a decent game as he made a comeback with the Jets. He started out nice, but then he was back to his old self throwing up a prayer that was caught for a touchdown. It was a close game and a good game to watch. What QB surprised me the most was Atlanta's Matt Ryan who embarrassed the Lions. He also beat my beloved Spartans in the bowl game last year. Along with Michael Turner they might have a decent team.

I will update this after tonight's game and I can see how my Packers do without Favre. I think they will be fair, but not as good if they would have kept Favre.

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  • Triton September 9, 2008 at 10:47 PM

    Michael Turner also broke Gerald Riggs' single-game rushing record. In his first game as a Falcon. Our acquisition of him is looking like a steal.

    Matt Ryan is playing like a pro; hard to believe he's a rookie. He led the team to touchdowns on the first three possessions. Michael Vick never did that.

    Frankly, I can't believe how well the franchise seems to have turned itself around in the offseason.

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