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View of Christians

Sunday, November 11, 2007 3 comments

I came across this article that gave the viewpoint of non-Christians on Christians. At first I thought "who cares" they are blinded and don't understand. Isn't this how it is suppose to be? Yet as I read, I realized that these were views that were legit arguments. For instance, the author mentioned this question "what if they are reacting – not to our righteous lifestyles – but to our self-righteousness?".

The results were a very negative view. There was no favoritism according to styles either. "They conclude that Christianity is old-fashioned, boring and unintelligent, and that Christians are insincere and too focused on getting converts.".

Most non-Christian people have had interaction with church or at least Christians. They claimed that Christians turned them off, in some cases because Christians tend to focus more on one sin than another (i.e. homosexuality). I like the list of characteristics it gives because I can relate an encounter with people that match them.

I think the problem for the most part is not that we are self-righteous, but that we try to balance upholding God's commandments and laws and we still sin. From my experience, proclaiming to be a Christian puts me under a microscope and promptly notified from nonbelievers when I make mistakes.

3 comments: to “ View of Christians so far...

  • Layneh November 11, 2007 at 9:17 PM

    This is almost exactly what I one of our church leaders talked about today in service.

    "Christians are ... too focused on getting converts" I totally disagree with this statement. However, that could be that I recognize what a Christian is, and not a sect calling themselves Christians (Jehovah witness).

    I would agree, in part, with that statement "present-day Christianity is no longer like Jesus intended."

    I don't think Christians are acting Christ-like. I think we have gotten fat and lazy. We no longer fight the battle that was once fought. I mean, lets get this right. Divorce is HUGE in America. If a man cannot "control" his family, he should not be a leader of the church.

    I think that the "youth" that answered this are very smart, and waiting to see what True Believers can do. This above all things, proves that we as Christians, need to step up and become what Christ really wanted us to become.

  • Layneh November 11, 2007 at 9:29 PM

    And another thing I think is worth mentioning is how young Christians are starting to distance themselves from the title or religion of Christianity.

    They are calling themselves Christians, but trying to distance themselves from the church. I myself try not to call myself Christian, but use the term True Believer a lot of times. Or at least something to seperate myself from this term that has been dragged through the mud.

  • Roland November 13, 2007 at 8:33 PM

    Good post.
    I ask you to examine Jesus.
    What did He do with the woman at the well?

    I thought about it here.

    When will we as Christians start to reach out and help others while they are in their sin, instead of telling them to do it themselves.
    God didn't do that to us. Why do we expect it to be different with them?

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