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NFL Needs To Loosen Up

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 1 comments

The National Football League has been overly strict this season. This is ironic for me to stand up for a non-disciplinary attitude in an industry of sports that has had some problems in recent months. For example, the NBA had a referee gambling on games he officiated and everyone is aware of the drug use in baseball.

It started this season with the New England Patriots and what is now known as spygate. You may find the article here, where the Patriots videotaped the N.Y. Jets defensive signals. While the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged that it had no effect on the end result of the game, he still gave an heavy handed fine to the organization and coach in addition to taking away a first round draft pick. Now the Patriots are out to prove themselves and are getting criticized for running up the score on opponents.

Secondly, the NFL sent a letter to all 32 teams telling them not to let their cheerleaders warm-up in front of the visiting team before the game (article). Is it that big of problem that football players are not able to control themselves? What about the mental toughness that all of the sports media pundits talk about?

Lastly, is something more recent. The Green Bay Packers are being investigated about violating the bounty rule. Supposedly the defensive backs have offered the defensive linemen $500 each for accomplishing defensive goals. My response “WHO CARES?!!!”. Honestly these players make millions and we are worried that other teammates trying to motivate them financially with an extra few hundred bucks.

Every commentator that has NFL experience said all of these are common in the NFL. Everyone is looking for any edge they can get. I understand videotaping compared to just using memory, but the punishment was excessive. The cheerleader rule is just stupid and what the Packers are doing is working. The organization is not paying them additional money and they are not trying to intentionally hurt another player. If anything this shows team unity. The last thing fans want is an overregulated sport.

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