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Final Stretch: What Does Each Candidate Do And Hope For?

Thursday, October 16, 2008 1 comments

The last debate is over. Assuming that the polls are correct and Obama is in the lead, what does each candidate have to do to win? If you were the campaign manager, what would your advise be?

Does Obama play it safe and ride out a victory or try to win by a large margin? Obama is buying a prime time spot on television. What should he talk about? Should he hope the economy stays bad?

What does McCain have to do to win? Should he continue with Ayers, Wright or ACORN? Or should he focus on Obama's "spreading the wealth" plan? Does McCain hope that the economy gets better?

Additional Questions Regarding the Election:

- What happened to immigration?
- Will race play a factor?
- Do Americans still fear a terrorist threat?

1 comments: to “ Final Stretch: What Does Each Candidate Do And Hope For? so far...

  • Heidi October 20, 2008 at 9:45 AM

    In my opinion I think that no matter what McCain does it will not be enough. Lets face it GOP faithful, even though McCain and Bush are two different politicians with two different stances on issues unfortunately society ties them together due to their party affiliation.
    This is a bad year for the Republican Party in general. I am usually an optimist but in this case have to say that McCain's status as an R combined with his VP pick (whom I have nothing against), Bush's low approval rating, not to mention bad advice I feel early on from his campaign managers has left him not as a viable contender in this race.

    Hopefully in 4 years things will trun around until then hold tight we could be in for the shock of our lives.

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