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Michigan Primary

Monday, January 14, 2008 0 comments

As many of you know, Michigan Primary is Tuesday January 15th. This was moved up in hope presidential candidates would focus on the problems that plague our state since we have an incompetent governor. This plan worked for the Republicans, but backfired for the Democrats. Obama and Edwards withdrew their names from the ballot and the DNC took all of their delegates.

The State Republican Party is really pushing for Mitt Romney because of his (so called) Michigan heritage. However, the problem stated above makes for an unpredictable outcome. Many Democrats will be voting probably for Ron Paul and John McCain. Some will even throw their vote to Mike Huckabee. I think this hurts the chance for Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson who do have a lot of support here in Michigan.

My predictions will be 1st) Mike Huckabee, 2nd) John McCain 3rd) Mitt Romney 4th)Ron Paul. The results will be very close.

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