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Family Christian Bookstore

Thursday, July 12, 2007 3 comments

Is Family Christian Bookstore different or just another Hallmark store? I was very displeased when they started opening on Sundays. I wrote them a letter and received a very weak answer. That is not the only issue I have. I receive vouchers as a rewards program from one of my credit card. I had a lot of points because I used it for my tuition. My wife and I were both looking for specific items. She was looking for a devotional and I was looking for a book on church history. They had a very limited selection of devotionals and I could not find one book on church history. She decided to get a decorative item that was 50% off. I got a book by John MacArthur and a pocket size concordance. The price of what my wife got was $20 and it was half off so it was $10. When we got home we noticed that the previous price was $14.99. So we were not saving as much money as we thought. I thought this was a deceiving act and would not expect this from such a store. In addition, with their limited selection of devotionals and no books on church history, we noticed the store was filled with fiction books, charismatic books, and music cds. No joke, there were 12 Joyce Meyer books just on the end cap. I would encourage the people of Family Christian Bookstore to conform to better practices. Other businessmen have been successful doing so, such as David Green of Hobby Lobby and S. Truet Cathy of Chic Fil A. Both of their stores are closed on Sundays. Here is an article ranking Christian entrepreneurs. I guess from now on if I want certain books I will have to go to http://www.christianbook.com/.

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  • Layneh July 14, 2007 at 12:32 PM

    I use Amazon.com or barnes & noble for most the books we get. Quite frankly, I will go to whoever has the cheapest price.
    It is very rare that I go into a "Christian" store. well, that being said, where I live i dont go to many stores, were kinda in the middle of no where. That being said, I do go searching for a "Christian" store to buy things at.
    If there was a store online that sold the books I read at a lower price than I find on others, I would rather support the Christian store, however I support small business over big companies.

    That being said, I am not going to play nice next time in risk!!! :)

  • Layneh July 14, 2007 at 12:33 PM

    oh yah, and this comment page is way better than your last one, in my opinion. I can actually read what people write.

  • Anonymous July 18, 2007 at 9:38 AM

    I enjoy Family Christian and there selections but I too was disappointed by them being open on Sunday. As for Joyce Meyer I know you are just not a big fan of hers. Have you ever read any of her books? Or are you just turned off because she preaches from the pulpit? (or does she) I struggle with that but I do enjoy her writing and she is an excellent speaker. I do agree that they should have Christian History in the bookstore.

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