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Where to Draw the Line?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 1 comments

For the last week or so, I have been listening to podcasts from various people. I found this website http://www.oneplace.com/ , it lets you download Christian broadcasts. I especially enjoy listening to John MacArthur. I also have been listening to a man named Gary DeMar. I chose him because I like how he specifically targets religion and politics. He talks about a modern society through a Biblical worldview. It is refreshing when you go to a public university that bombards you with humanism, feminism and promotes no absolutes. However, as I was listening today to his most recent podcast, he proudly shared his opinion on eschatology. While he did this he criticized dispensationalism and premillennialism, two ideals that I firmly believe in. He furthermore went on to criticize people that I respect such as, John MacArthur, Tim LaHaye, and Norman Geislser. Well LaHaye only in regards to eschatology. I appreciate his openness and to not shy away from deep yet important issues like some others do. I am actually glad that I now know where he stands and respect him for that. But, this is where the dilemma is. Should I continue listening to his broadcast? Should I screen the topics? After considering everything, I decided to not listen anymore. There is not a shortage of broadcasts that coincide with my beliefs. I have heard the other side and made a decision to follow the ideas of dispensationalism and premillenialsim. I do not have hard feelings towards him it is simply a disagreement. One that is important enough to not support his program. There are other agreements we share. For example, we both are concerned about the direction of Christian books, the rise of fiction and less focus on academia. But then again he takes it too far and we disagree again. He is against Veggie Tales. He referred to it as “Jesus junk”. I know that you will never agree with someone’s views 100%, but you have to decide what is important and where the lines are drawn.

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  • Timm July 19, 2007 at 11:43 AM

    I believe we should always listen to the other side of arguments. i know that had I not listened to you on a few things I would have completely different viewpoits right now. That being said, there is no reason for us to allow ourselves to be bombarded with ciewpoints that we disagree with. You made the right call.
    Have you tried Way of the Master Radio? Go to the website and click on Lsiten-previous shows and podcasts. I think you will like that show.


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