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Update: Cultural War

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 0 comments

I found another article about atheist books being best sellers. Dennis Prager, (who I am not familiar with, He is a conservative writer for Townhall.com, but I not sure about his religious beliefs) lists reasons he believes is the cause of the atheism movement. He starts with the wave of Islam into our country and the extremism that has occurred around the world. This is a key issue for non-believers to wonder why God allows bad things to happen. Secondly, is the secular indoctrination that is occurring in public schools. Secular educational institutions have completely separated themselves from God with the help of their advocate the ACLU. Lastly, Prager suggests that even some Christian sects have moved away from fundamental doctrinal practices. I think Prager is accurate with his assessment. There are other factors, but I think these are the main ones. Americans have to be cautious with tolerance with regards to eastern religions. I say this not to pick on certain faiths, but they go against the principles of this country.

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