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Sports Corruption

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 1 comments

What is with all of the problems in the sports world? First there is of all of the steroid problems in baseball. It got to the point where the federal government wanted to intervene. Then Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was having dog fights (article). Now the NBA has found out one of their referees was gambling on games (article). I know it is not a sport, but even an entertainment wrestler killed his wife and son. You know its bad when ESPN has a poll on their website asking which commissioner is in the worst situation. I think the sport that is hurt the most is the NBA because people are going to be skeptical of their games. It is already obvious that superstar players get calls, but now it is worse. The Vick situation is the worst in regards to levels of morality and is just plain disturbing and I hope he gets punished justly. I don’t think this hurts the NFL as bad. The reputation of the NBA and MLB is tarnished because of referees and a bunch of players using steroids, whereas the NFL just has one individual player who acted foolishly on his on personal time.

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